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Info about Flock of None

FoN was conceived as a space for exhibiting contemporary art without the influence of text that is not inherently a part of the artwork. 

This contemplation of art appreciation, removed from the communication of artist intent or editorial postulation, gives the viewer mental space to witness the art at a distance from the convincing of others. Although the choice to present the work is in-itself influential, the aim is to present the work uninhibited by intent.

The visitor to the space has the liberty to look and think longer, to discuss with fellow viewers... to share their thoughts and experiences outside of the sometimes 'right and wrong' pressures of knowing the artist or curator intent. 

For some, text may be too far an interrogation of an artists' process, stifling the imagination and the potential for work to become an artefact for future generations to contemplate. 

Editorials, criticism, historical anecdotes, artist diaries, exhibition reviews, museum scripts; these all have a place in the consumption of artistic products and the promulgation of artistic movements; this space is not here to challenge these interrogations. 

Ideally, the term flock of none will be understood as it was conceived. Influenced by the Alfred Hitchcock film 'The Birds' and the experience of bringing 150 artists together for a fundraiser, the idea of amplification, the broadening of the known mental universe.......... hfjidahfia




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